Angelo Gelato Italiano's creates gelato and sorbet for wholesale and distribution all over the country. Our ingredients and equipment are imported from Italy to bring you the most authentic experience possible. We dedicate ourselves to perfecting these centuries old recipes and flavors.

It is our commitment to always maintain the authenticity of our products. Using modern technology, each batch is produced with the oversight of Angelo himself in order to ensure unparalleled quality.

Angelo Gelato Italiano wholesale products are naturally low in fat. In comparison to other gelato wholesalers, Angelo Gelato Italiano use real milk and or very little cream in their products in order to keep their products light. All products are produced with natural and artisan ingredients. What else? Angelo Gelato Italiano wholesale products are ready to serve, so no preparation is necessary. As gelato should be, Angelo Gelato Italiano wholesale products are twice as dense as traditional ice cream, yet they are rBGH and rbST hormone free.

Apart from their famous gelato, Angelo Gelato Italiano is also a sorbet distributor. Like their gelato, Angelo Gelato Italiano's sorbet distribution selection is chuck full of flavors that are naturally fat free, dairy free and gluten free. Their natural and artisan sorbet is not only a delight to taste, but a vision to see. Filled with 30-40% fresh fruit, the colors are vibrant and luscious. Like their gelato, the sorbet is ready-to-serve, so there is no preparation necessary.

Please contact Angelo Gelato Italiano to find out how to purchase their gelato wholesale or Sorbet Wholesale and to see if there is a gelato distributor or sorbet distributor in your area.

Gelato and Sorbet Wholesale and Distribution